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Harvard University offers limited financial aid and scholarships to international students for Master’s programs, primarily through its various schools and programs. Here are some scholarships and fellowships available for international students at Harvard, along with their eligibility and official website information:

  1. Harvard Kennedy School Fellowships for International Students
  • Eligibility: Open to international students applying for Master’s programs at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). Eligibility and requirements vary by specific fellowship opportunities.
  • Official Website: Harvard Kennedy School Fellowships
  1. Harvard Business School (HBS) Fellowships for International Students
  • Eligibility: International students admitted to the Harvard Business School’s MBA program may be eligible for need-based fellowships. Award criteria are determined based on financial need.
  • Official Website: HBS Financial Aid
  1. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Scholarships
  • Eligibility: International students applying to Master’s programs at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health may be considered for financial aid and scholarships based on need and merit.
  • Official Website: Harvard Chan School Financial Aid
  1. Harvard Law School Scholarships for LL.M. Students
  • Eligibility: International LL.M. students may be eligible for scholarships based on need and merit. Each scholarship has specific eligibility criteria.
  • Official Website: Harvard Law School LL.M. Financial Aid

Please note that scholarship availability, eligibility criteria, and application processes may vary by school and program within Harvard University. It’s important to visit the specific official websites for the Master’s program you’re interested in and review the detailed information on financial aid and scholarships, including application procedures and deadlines.

Additionally, many Harvard schools and programs offer financial aid, grants, and scholarships based on demonstrated financial need. International students should consider applying for these opportunities when seeking financial assistance for their Master’s studies at Harvard.